Businesses fail every day. We know why.
And we've got the antidote.

If you’ve got an idea, a vision, or a burning desire to build a business, but you don’t know where to start,
The Five Percent was built for you.

Only 5% of businesses make it past year five

That statistic, along with a number of other ones, has stood in your way for far too long! Face it, you’re terrified… you’ve been thinking about going out on your own for years, but here you are… paralyzed.


“How will I pay my bills?”
“What about the children?”
“But I’ve got a great job!”

And the big one:

“What if I fail?…”

But listen. I get it. Because that’s exactly how I felt.

I left my dream job, great money, the right people, the right tables, and a hell of a lot of security…

The Five Percent was created for YOU. The transitional and early stage entrepreneur with a lot to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

You need TWO things if you want to make it:

  1. Community, accountability, and damn it… a CHEERING SECTION!
  2. A proven transitional road map, education from a diverse and non-boring faculty of world class practitioners (no theologians allowed), sage mentors who have “been there and done that”, and crystal clear vision. A strong vision is measured by the people it attracts.

Based on the stats I can almost promise you will fail… but our promise is that you will NEVER fail ALONE.

It’s not about the 5% of people who make it… it’s about the 5% of people who NEVER GIVE UP.

I’m excited to officially launch The Five Percent in 2021! I hope you’ll join us.

The Five Percent Framework

First Step

You don't need to take the leap today. Your first step is much smaller.

The Five Percent Roadshow takes place over 5 months and covers the 5 Pillars of any successful business:
Marketing. Sales. Leadership. Revenue. Wellness.

These events are practical, theory-based experiences where you'll leave with an actionable plan, not a notepad full of ideas that will never materialise.

Get started by registering your place at our launch event.


Too many people try and build a business without first laying the right foundations.

The result?

They collapse under the pressure.

We help early-stage and transitional entrepreneurs build lasting foundations for their business.


With the right foundations in place, you'll reach the stage where you're ready to make the leap.

Your leap could be making your first sale, going part time in your job, or even quitting it completely.

Whatever it looks like for you, our community will be here to make it with you. Our promise is this:

You'll never take the leap alone.


Once your foundations in place and you've taken the leap, it's time to build.

Building a business is one of the most challenging, but rewarding endeavours you'll embark on, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

With our proven roadmap and our community by your side, you'll finally be able to create a business you're proud of.

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