Right now, only 5% of businesses make it
past year 5.

We're changing that.

It’s said that only 5% of businesses survive past year 5.

Whether that’s true or not, there’s one thing we know for sure.

The majority of businesses that get started, fail.

That fact is enough to put most people off become an entrepreneur.

But not you. You’ve got that burning desire to build something.

Well I’ve got some good news for you.

Most of the businesses that fail, fail for the same reason:

They didn’t dig deep enough foundations to support the skyscraper they were building.

If you’ve got huge goals for your business, but you don’t dig foundations deep enough to support them…

You will fail.

To ensure long term success, it’s critical you do the prep work beforehand.

Introducing The Five Percent.

We’re tired of seeing businesses fail.

If you’re an early stage or transitional entrepreneur, we’re here for you.

With the content, strategy, advice and accountability you need, we’ll help you to build a business

that lasts.

Marcus Murphy

Co-Founder & CEO

Alistair Graham

Co-Founder & COO

Daniel Curtis

Co-Founder & CSO

Ben Bellucci​

Co-Founder & CXO

Nick Fisher


Onur Gökçe


Admiral Schofield

Managing Principle

Darrin Kirkland Jr.

Dir. of Communications

Scott Halperin

General Council

Kyna Thompson

Account Manager

You don't need to take the leap today. Your first step is much smaller.

The Five Percent Roadshow takes place over 5 months and covers the 5 Pillars of any successful business:
Marketing. Sales. Leadership. Revenue. Wellness.

These events are practical, theory-based experiences where you'll leave with an actionable plan, not a notepad full of ideas that will never materialise.

Get started by registering your place at our launch event.

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